Due to recent events involving the abuse of alcohol at Holiday/Adult parties, over-abuse of alcohol will not be tolerated and consumption limits at all Turtle Creek-sponsored events is the responsibility of the guest(s). Law enforcement will be contacted if the aforementioned is witnessed.  Turtle Creek Home Owners Association will not be held liable for offenses or negligence due to individual behavior.  The HOA does  not condone  anyone driving while intoxicated, overconsuming alcohol, drug use, or illegal acts that could harm our residents, guests, or bystanders passing through our community.  Anyone who brings alcohol into the swimming pool or common ground is subject to care and custody of the alcohol.  Legal matters will be upheld at the individual resident's and/or guest's expense.

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Cost: $30/Player (Price includes 2 free drink tickets)

All golfers will tee off on Hole 1 in a predetermined order. Once every golfer has hit their tee shot, players will proceed to their ball and play out the hole in an orderly fashion. Players with the highest score on the hole are eliminated, and the remaining players continue to Hole 2.

This process is repeated each hole until there is only one player left standing on Hole 9. All those participating must supply a sleeve of golf balls on the day of the event.

This event typically draws a large gallery of spectators, so come on out and enjoy the fun and heckle the golfers even if you aren’t playing.

The beer cart will be following our group around the course.

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